Greetings everyone!

This is a blog made by fellow transport enthusiasts in Singapore.

The aim of this blog is to attempt to explain what is going on in Singapore, so therefore you could maybe think of this blog as a “latest news blog”. (However we can’t beat the guys at Land Transport Guru to be the first to post about new buses.)

Anyways, being the first to post about the latest news probably won’t be the main purpose of this blog. As a transport enthusiast, usually we would delve more into the transport subject before making assumptions that would just seem absurdly out-of-the-world, like those you’d see on the comment sections of Strait Times or TODAY on Facebook.

Or, complaining a train service delay to SMRT (or Feedback) on Facebook, but then the train line in question is however the North-East Line. (Trust me guys, this happened more often that you’d imagine.)

But over here, those are just minor concerns, as this blog is also made for venting anger at the incompetency of the transport ministry. I must admit, they did not do all bad, but what they were trying to do currently isn’t helping their image of us and the world.

Unfortunately Singaporeans are born to be all critics and it does get quite difficult when the press would publish a coverage on the latest incidents, and people just look at the title and criticise. It really made me felt like a fool, wanting to shy off from them. But they’re not wrong either.

Therefore, the birth of this blog. Mostly from frustration from reading the comment section on Facebook.

Don’t worry, I’ll try to cite as much as possible to make articles here more relevant and more truthful.

Thanks for taking your time to read all these, and maybe my future ramblings.
Goodbye and have a good stay here!